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Why Sheepskins Make Great Dog and Cat Beds?

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Since you love your furry companions as much as any other member of the family, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to take proper care of them. This means access to the right toys, great food, and treats, and, of course, a proper bed. But, what is going to go into that bed that makes it just right? We’re here to share with you all the advantages of a sheepskin for a dog or a cat bed! It’s going to be an instant win for the furry members of your household!

Top reasons that sheepskins make great dog and cat beds

Here are just some of the reasons why sheepskins are going to be wonderful options when you looking for a simple, long-lasting, and well-made bedding choice specifically for your furry house companions.

They’re perfect options for those pets with sensitive skin: If your pet has short fur, no fur, or just sensitive skin and fur, then you already know that not all beds are going to be able to offer them comfort and relief from having itchy or sore skin. Sheepskin is going to be the right choice because it is hypoallergenic, soothing, soft, and feather light in how it comforts the skin. When you have a pet that just needs that little TLC while they snooze, this is going to be a huge perk to consider! It’s especially great if they are recovering from a surgery or an injury since it’ll offer cushioning and comfort.

They can offer pain relief from sore muscles: It sounds strange, but it’s true! If you have a senior dog with arthritis or a younger dog that just played a bit too hard during the day, sheepskin is known to actually diffuse the pressure in the muscles and will help them enjoy faster and better relief for muscles that aren’t always kind to them. While you can’t always do much for your pet who is in joint pain, this is one thing that you can get for them that can offer help!

It’s great for temperature regulation: Did you know that sheepskin is an incredible resource for those animals that are looking to regulate their temperature? In the cold months, the bed will offer nice cushioning and warmth so that they can snooze nice and warm whenever they need it. In the summer, the mat is going to offer cooling properties. No matter what the weather is like throughout the year, it’s going to be a great choice for when you need to make a dog’s comfort a priority for temperature. This helps them get good quality sleep, too, since temperature issues are common problems that wake up pets from an otherwise restful sleep!

It’s safe and resistant to bacteria and pathogens: Sheepskin is incredible in that it is also resistant to bacterial and pathogens. It’s great when you want to know that your dog isn’t sleeping in filth and that their health is a priority in all of the ways that you care most about.

While your pets may not be able to tell you just what they need or want when it comes to their bedding, you can see with all of these details listed out, just how beneficial it will be for your dogs and cats to enjoy all of those “creature comforts” that matter most to them. Think of sheepskin as the ultimate pampering experience.

What does a sheepskin pet bed look like?

One of the best benefits of getting a sheepskin for your pet is that it doesn’t have to come in the form of a bed itself. So many other options come in different shapes and sizes that can make it frustrating when you any to get something that your animals can enjoy even as they grow, or you add more to the household.

A sheepskin is just a literal sheepskin, so it’s going to be a free form option that you can put wherever it is convenient for you and your furry companion to enjoy. Perfect for those houses that just want to be able to create a pet bed for their space, as that space needs shifts and changes from one pet and one room, to another.

Your dog and cat deserve the best possible care, right? A pet bed made from sheepskin is certainly going to be the very best thing possible for them to enjoy, day in and day out, all seasons of the year. The rest is all about picking out what the ideal sheepskin bed is going to look like for your home!

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