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Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs


About our Icelandic sheepskin rugs:

At you will find premium quality extra long and softest wool genuine Icelandic sheepskin rugs in different sizes from medium to extra large at reasonable prices. Our Icelandic sheepskins sourced exclusively from Iceland from local farms to ensure we can offer highest quality skins to our customers.

The Icelandic breed is one of the finest oldest breed on the world with more than 1100 years history.
Icelandic sheep produce wool in natural color as most common - white, black, black-brown 
mix, as less common mixture of black an white, brown and white mix and among the rarest color are the amazing rusty brown and silver - grey mix.
Natural sheepskin rugs makes feeling of luxury and style in the homes, bring comfort and colour to interior style from the modern to the traditional.

We have many size to choose from: single | double (2) | quad (4) | sexto (6) | octo (8) and rectangular size. Browse our shop for your next unique sheepskin rug.