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Cushion is a very ancient piece of furniture. There are mentions made of them from the early Middle Ages. Sheep’s wool is used from beginning as perfect filling material and along sewing techniques development from hand-stitching to machine-stitching started to spread the upholstered cushions where fine leather or genuine fur is the covering material. 
Modern interior - and especially the Scandinavian style – feel very incomplete without a sheepskin. It is very true for a sheepskin cushion which give a perfect finish to a room. 

Genuine wool cushion is warm and pleasant, do not cause allergies and piles ate very good dust resistant. 
From an elegant sheepskin sofa cushion to the real sink’n feeling in a sumptuous sheepskin bean bag chair we offer wide variation everyone to find the perfect addition to home. 
Our white curly sheepskin cushion made of hand picked finest Mongolian sheepskin rugs and can be a perfect choice if the the all in white decor style is the main line and need something unique and natural treasure to add. They are also available in dyed silver / grey colour.

Rare Icelandic sheepskin cushion is a real eye catcher with it’s extremely long and silky touch wool and natural and eco-friendly accent for cosy and warm decoration. 
Highly exclusive sheepskin cushion with authentic Scandinavian style – The Swedish Gotland sheepskin cushion. Luxuriously curly natural silver wool with incredibly soft touch.

We have so many to choose from – many colours, wool length, design. We’re sure everyone will find something to love.