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About Us

MILABERT is THE best-in-class sustainable and ethical sheepskin and wool decor company obsessed with providing cozy, comfortable, and luxurious home environments that promote relaxation and well-being to families. As a company, we want to change the way sheepskin and wool decor is sourced and produced in the home decor market by providing items that are ethically sourced. We take great pride in producing quality goods while remaining true to our promise of ethically sourcing our materials. Our products are made with not only an eye for unique decoration but also a passion for creating exquisite and traditional sheepskin and reindeer rugs and wool home decor. We are also introducing high-quality and all-natural baby accessories and pain relief products made from similarly and ethically sourced medical-grade sheepskins to further complement a relaxed and tranquil home environment for our customers.

In 2011, we were dealing with the challenge of finding high-quality, sustainable, and ethical sheepskin and wool decor for our own home. We realized there was a market gap for premium-quality sheepskin and wool decor that is sourced and produced sustainably and ethically. Since then, we have poured every ounce of our passion and expertise into creating a range of products that provide the perfect balance of comfort, style, and sustainability. We decided to create a range of premium-quality sheepskin rugs and wool decor to help families struggling to find sustainable and ethical options for their homes. Our goal is to provide you with a range of superior products that include sheepskin rugs, reindeer rugs, and wool decor items.

With this goal in mind, MILABERT was born.

Our family has a deep appreciation for the beauty of animals, and our farming heritage spans generations. We honor the animals' legacy and strive to appreciate and incorporate their beauty in each piece we create. Inspired by our grandfather's respect for all living things, we have brought his love of farming life to Milabert, creating an exceptional and sustainable business. As children, we were enchanted by the aromas of slow-cooking food and wool decor at our grandparents' farm, and these fond memories have inspired us to create Milabert.

Our mission is to bring you products crafted with the finest pelts from all over the world, ethically sourced from animals raised responsibly and in good health. We carefully select rare breeds that are not only sustainable food sources for their communities but also offer the best pelt quality. We have established a special relationship with our Scandinavian farmers, where trust and friendship are paramount.

In every product we make, we follow a responsible and sustainable process. We only use raw materials from farm-raised animals, following worldwide regulations for safe and ethical farming practices. Our tanning process is eco-friendly, using plant-based tanning agents. We utilize the by-products, ensuring a zero-waste environment.

At MILABERT, we believe that every family can create a cozy and comfortable home environment that promotes relaxation and well-being. We're here to help you achieve it with our premium-quality sheepskin rugs and wool decor products that are sourced and produced sustainably and ethically.

We know it can be hard to find sustainable and ethical home decor options, especially when it comes to sheepskin and wool décor, so we've done all of that for you. We provide a full suite of premium-quality sheepskin rugs and wool decor products so that you can focus on what matters: creating a warm, inviting space for yourself and your guests. We believe in sustainability, ethical production, and creating beautiful, cozy homes that promote relaxation and well-being. MILABERT is trusted by hundreds of happy customers who have left us five-star reviews on Etsy.

Shop now and create a warm and inviting space with MILABERT's premium-quality sheepskin rugs and wool decor products.