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About Us

Welcome to Milabert! With the same love and dedication that our family has put into our family farm in the UK, we bring to you! All of our items are made with not only an eye for unique decoration but also with a passion for creating the most exquisite sheepskin rugs, reindeer rugs, and wool home decor for you to enjoy.

With a desire to bring you the finest in animal pelts, we travel the world looking for animals raised responsibly and with good health. We find rare breed animals that are not only sustainable food sources but also animals that show the best in pelt quality. With a special relationship with our Scandanavian farmers, we create an environment where not only where we are friends but also one where we can trust the quality of the animal hides that we are buying.

Our process is also responsible. We only use sheepskin from farm kept animals raised according to worldwide regulations in safe farming, and our tanning process uses plant extract-based tanning agents. We only use by-products of animals farmed for food purposes.

We love questions! If you have anything that you would like to ask us, please feel free. We will be more than happy to answer any inquiries that you may have.

There's a saying that goes, "from farm to table," however, we at Milabert, take it one step further. Our motto is "from farm to table to home decor." We use only the finest in animal skins that are the result of leftover materials of animals used for giving life-sustaining nutrition.

Instead of throwing away the pelts from the animals, purchase them from farmers all over the world and create fantastic home decor items for you to enjoy. Milabert is dedicated to providing you with the finest in animal pelts that are turned into beautiful sheepskin rugs and other items for a zero-waste environment for the animals.

Our family has been in the farming business for generations, and we appreciate the beauty of the animals when they are alive. We also strive to appreciate their beauty long after they have passed on to the big field in the sky.

With my grandfather’s respect for all living things, we have brought his love of the farming life to business. When we were little girls, my business partner sisters and I loved visiting my grandparents at their farm. There was always the amazing aroma of food in the air and animal skin and wool decor that my grandparents used to accentuate their home. It is these fond memories that gave to the birth of Milabert.