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Reindeer Hide

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A reindeer hides became one of most popular natural decorative item to homes nowadays. Reindeer skin ‘s incredibly soft to touch fur and wide variety of shades and patterns makes them able to create feeling of authentic Tundra – Artic region. Hides are comes in various rich colour shades such as white, brown, grey, silver. Compared to sheepskin there is no faux reindeer rug available and them fur can not be dyed. They are just natural as much as possible. As it is no two hides are alike each has it’s own uniqueness. Reindeer has seasonal adaptations to environment and one of that is coat fill out in colour changing from white to brown and reverse.

All our quality reindeer hides goes through strict quality control from the tannery to the packing division to ensure our Customer receive an exceptional natural product. Reindeer skins at Milabert are sourced from certified Scandinavian Finland farms where connection between reindeer and human is thousands of years old.

Reindeer rug should ideally used for decorating purpose instead of to sit or step on it. They are not much durable like sheepskin rugs. Reindeer fur shedding is not unusual and probably minor hair will detach after you take it home and set on it’s new place. The reindeer fur has special characteristic it does not shed really it breaks.

There are numerous air cells in hair (that makes it perfect to insulate at North) and that makes it fragile. This little fur loss is going to stabilise within the next couple of months. However please be aware that reindeer skin rug is a unique and natural product therefore minor amount of hair also can be shed (broken) in future. As in our Care Instruction we recommend gently shake outside and careful handling and your reindeer skin will last a long time.

Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) - The species is a natural part of Northern eco-systems and is resident in the northern region of Asia, Europe and North America. The reindeer has several sub-species of which four of them is called Caribou at North America region.

Domestication of reindeer herding is related to Sami people who used them for transportation and milking purpose. 
Sami people (also Sámi or Saami), are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sámi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Kola Peninsula of Russia (Wikipedia)