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​Baby Bunting: The Facts You Need to Know

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Baby Bunting: The Facts You Need to Know

There are so many things that you have to make sure that you have in place for your little one. Why add something else to your list? The thing is, when you are relying on the right accessories for your baby -- like bunting bags -- you’ll find that they not only save you time and effort, but also extra supplies that, really, you don’t need!

What actually is baby bunting?

The term “bunting” was coined around the 1920s. It is a noun and defined as “a hooded sleeping bag for babies”. That’s exactly what it is today, too, and you often will hear about people searching for “baby bunting bags”. The term “baby bunting” is used, too.

Tips for choosing bunting bags

In order to choose the right bunting bag for your baby, you need to consider just how you are going to use it, and why you are looking for one. All of these things matter. If you’ve done any amount of searching online, you’re probably looking at the cute bags with ears, or the faux fur-lined hoods that make your little one look like a fashionista. But those are just pretty distractions and nothing more. You must keep the actual use of a bunting bag in mind. When shopping, focus on:

Dimensions and your baby’s natural movements: Some bunting bags appear to almost suffocate your little one. While it might be nice to think that they can enjoy a nice cocoon of warmth, you also have to remember that babies are naturally restless and have to move to keep themselves comfortable, content, and temperature-regulated. Go for a bunting bag that gives them lots of room for squirming around and enjoying themselves.

Ease of access in and out: You don’t need to look at getting a bunting bag with arm holes or leg slots, either. Just for the classic “sleep sac” shape that is designed to worm pretty much like a hooded sleeping bag. Don’t go for buttons or snaps that just slow everything down. A zipper or something similar will be the fastest and simplest way for fuss-free ins and outs.

The quality of the materials: The materials and the quality of them are going to be very important. Get top of the line, medical-grade materials, just like you would with anything else for your baby. It’ll keep them safe and well taken-care of, just like you would want. Plus, it’ll last longer, allowing you to use it season after season as long as they’ll fit in it!

Without question, when you see it all listed like that, you’re going to want to ignore the modern versions and just stay classic. For example, a Baby Medical Sheepskin Bunting Bag is a wonderful option to enjoy a polished and professional look, with all of the classic features that make this such a good investment.

You get the classic use and ease of comfort, with the modern crisp colours and footprints -- not to mention the zipper -- so that you won’t need to give anything up. All of the best details taken care of in the classic footprint.

Are there any safety concerns with baby bunting?

Perhaps you’ve seen a few posts on mom blogs that talk about the risks of baby bunting. It’s good to be concerned, and we’re happy to help you understand what is real and false information.

Firstly, much of the safety for your little one is going to be about using a bunting bag in a car seat. Since car seats are not tested or rated for use with car seats, it’s a good idea to talk to your pediatrician before putting your little one in a car seat in a bunting bag. When in doubt, you can just use the bunting bag in a stroller or in other situations where car safety is not an issue.

Secondly, many feel as though their little ones will overheat in bunting bags. This may be true in the newer versions where they are designed to be ultra-insulating and keep little ones tucked away. However, classic designed bunting bags are focused on insulating warmth but also focusing on air flow so that your baby stays at just the perfect temperature all day long.

A bunting bag is going to be a great idea for your baby in order to keep them warm and comfortable on those cold days, but you’re going to want to take a look at the idea of carefully sourcing your bag to make sure that safety and comfort are both priorities in your final option!