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About Milabert

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People have a great variety of views on interior design and can be particular about the materials used for it. Here at Milabert we believe in the beauty, warmth, and practicality of genuine sheepskin focused interior design solutions and the sweet touch of sheepskin focused decor. We believe that sheepskin can bring a soft, comfortable feel to any room in a home. We also believe in the comfort and longevity of reindeer hide products.

Based in Northamptonshire, England, our family-run business has a keen eye on classy, pragmatic home decor, and love for sharing our sense of style with our clients. Sheepskin products may be of a different style than what many are used to, and we can certainly appreciate the hesitation that some people have, but we have studied and worked with animal hides we sell for long enough that we rest our full confidence in their quality.

Our product variety spans from sheepskin rugs to clothing items, from inhouse home accessories to sheepskin designed furniture, as well as most things in between. We source only the finest animal pelts which we acquire from a partnership with Scandanavians farmers, which come from animals treated and raised in a responsible, healthy manner. The animals who provide their pelts are sustainable sources of food and are raised according to safe farming regulations from around the world. We wouldn't have it any other way. After all, these animals permit us to do what we love, do best, and share it with our fine customers.

You may be asking what makes sheepskins stand out among other materials. We are glad you asked. Most importantly it's their elegant look and style are of a superb grade. Sheepskin's versatility is proven by just how many useful items we can convert it into. Sheepskin rugs make exquisite pieces for any room and amplify the feel of comfort and inviting nature.

By the looks of sheepskin products, such as rugs and throw blankets, one would rightly believe that these products are very warm, and they would be entirely correct. However, the breathability of sheepskin is often overlooked. While it will keep you warm on cold days, it will let you stay cozy and cool on the warmer days as well, making them a great product for any season that they are used during.

Then, there is the durability aspect. Sheepskin does not shed as it is attached to the leather underneath, not woven or brushed up. Its strength is undeniable. Many have argued that the strength is comparable to steel. Sheepskin lasts for years on end and requires very little maintenance. Typically a good shake, a light vacuuming, or a brush off is all that it takes to keep it clean and tidy. Sheepskin doesn’t snag, wrinkle, or pill, nor does it tear or get soiled easily. It elegantly drapes without bunching up or sagging. A look at a sheepskin product all but radiates comfort.

Sheepskin’s durability does not end there. It is not only flame and water-resistant, but it is also windproof. It has been historically noted for resisting bacteria as well. When hung in the fresh air the lanolin content in sheepskin promotes self-cleansing properties that resist the retention of bacteria and dirt.

Speaking of comfort, sheepskin is static-free, hypoallergenic, and as soft as a fluffy cloud. It offers great body support thanks to its dense pile, making it ideals for comfortable underlays, seat cushions, and ottoman tops (which we happily also offer to our customers). Sheepskin’s press against the body is not only gentle on your skin, but it also promotes good blood circulation that helps relax and regenerate the body. It has even been known to assist with healing inflamed or sensitive skin and even rashes.

Sheepskin rugs are highly recommended for young children learning to crawl due to not only their softness but due to the hypoallergenic properties and gentleness on easily irritated baby skin. Even pets benefit from sheepskin rugs. The sheepskin’s unique attributes help regulate your pet's body temperature, keeping them either cooled down or warm. An animal in pain (such as one afflicted by arthritis for example) can find more comfort in a sheepskin sleeping space as it promotes weight distribution, alleviating the pressure on any single body part.

Our products also aim not just to deliver comfort, but practicality to your home. A sheepskin ottoman makes a great place to either put up your feet or take a comfortable seat. A magazine rack is a soft, classy looking piece to add to any living room, bedroom, or bathroom as well.

Our reindeer hide rugs provide another option for the decor, though these are meant to be decorative pieces only. They are thoroughly tested in quality control to assure that you get a premium, great looking decorative piece for your home. You can turn any room into a wildlife lodge feel with this soft, gorgeous, decorative product.

Sheepskin and reindeer hyde products are our pride and joy and we love the idea of helping you decorate your home with these gentle, yet stylish pieces. Please reach out with any questions or inquiries and please look through our extensive catalog for ideas on how you can bring the eloquent, classy, practical, and comfortable touch to your home.