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Genuine Double Icelandic Sheepskin Rug | Sheepskin Hide | Icelandic Sheepskin | Long Wool Rug | Silver | Grey Colour DR 2


Out of Stock

Product Description

Display some incredible length and extra silky genuine sheepskin in your home with this Genuine Double Icelandic Silver and Tan Sheepskin Rug. Featuring extra-long curly wool and dyed to subtle shades of silver and tan, this long wool rug is a stunning beauty!

If you love extra glam and beauty in your bling home decor, then this animal pelt rug is perfect for you! Display this sheepskin hide with pride and have the most beautiful and woolly rug on your block!

- Unique double Icelandic sheepskin rug
- Dyed Grey | Silver | Tan Mix Colour
- Hand-selected hide for highest premium quality: A+++
- Super soft and silky long curly wool
- Natural shape

approx. 70" x 27"  (180 x 70 cm)
(measured on fur side)

Every product that you see in the shop is the exact one that you will receive upon your purchase.
We shoot each item individually and present each item to you, as was photographed in the listing.
At Milabert, what you see is what you get.

Our process is also responsible. We only use ethically sourced sheepskin from farm kept animals that are raised according to worldwide regulations in safe farming and our tanning process uses plant extract-based tanning agents. We only use the by-products of animals that are farmed for food purposes.

Thank you for your interest in our products.
We hope it will bring your home warmth & style!




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